You need to know the degree to which God is committed to you. If you have received Jesus, you are saved. But your salvation is not only past tense. It is ongoing!

If you BELIEVE on Jesus, did you know that you have become a son (or daughter) of God?

As His son (or daughter) you are an heir of God, and a FELLOW heir of Jesus, SHARING His inheritance with Him…for eternity.

But, you say,There must be some mistake. I am not worthy to have the same inheritance as JESUS has.

Exactly. That is just how good God is. And it is anything but a mistake. This was His plan all along…. His greatest desire is to be your FATHER.

People get saved when they hear of God’s love for them. Then, for whatever reason, they begin thinking it is THEIR love for God that is the strength of the relationship, and that which guarantees security with Him.

You ought to love God!!

But friends, it is not your love for God but HIS LOVE FOR YOU that is the strength of this relationship. His love INITIATED the relationship with you. It is HIS LOVE FOR YOU that guarantees your security with Him. His love will carry you through thick and thin in this life and ultimately will carry you into eternity!!

Many Christians sadly have an orphan mentality. They gather together and conduct themselves as if God has to be persuaded to come and intervene in their lives. They act like strangers asking for a favor, instead of sons, scooting up to the table. They feel they have to overcome God’s reluctance to do something for them by long and pleading prayers. In reality, THEY are the one who need to be persuaded… to BELIEVE (aka: rest) in the absolute finished work of the cross of Jesus Christ. God has already done everything that needs to be done to fully redeem and restore you. He has prepared a table for you in the presence of your enemies, and has invited you to dine! This relationship was ALL God’s idea and God’s doing. You don’t have to talk Him into anything. And you couldn’t if you tried.