This is the great exchange: Jesus took all of your sin, sickness, the punishment and judgment due you and gave you righteousness (right standing with God). Now, THERE IS NOTHING BETWEEN YOU AND GOD. You have been acquitted for your sins.

Join Pastor Ann in this communion session as we deepen our understanding of what happened at the Cross during this great exchange.

The Great Exchange.

Jesus dealt with sin, giving us the very righteousness of God.

Jesus dealt with sickness and disease.

Jesus dealt with poverty and lack.


Jesus became the Son of man so that we could become sons of God.  Jesus left all of His God-attributes to become a man.  As Jesus read the scrolls, He found Himself.  He found out who He was and what His mission was.

Jesus took back all authority from the devil and gave it to the Church.  He gave us righteousness – right standing with God – and promises to remember our sins no more!  Hallelujah!

The Scepter of Righteousness