Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” ~ Matthew 6:10, KJV

Our prayers are God’s license to do, on earth, what is already in His heart.  This message and time of communion is especially important, not just to our own lives, but to the future of our nation.

The Old Covenant was carried out by human power.  Mankind had a responsibility to obey the laws God set forth.  The New Covenant, however, is carried out by the Holy Spirit and was inaugurated on the Day of Pentecost.


Jesus was born under the Law.  He was born at the crossroads of the old and new covenants (law and grace).  Jesus brought the law back to its original context.  The religious had made the law manageable – able to handle it on their own merit.  But Jesus reminded them that the purpose of the law was to make them conscious to sin and reveal their need for a Savior.   In this session, Pastor Ann shows us how the Gospel of Grace has liberated us from the law and brings us God’s favor for every situation we face.

Restoration is the thread through the Old and New Testaments, from Genesis to Revelation, to restore man from decline to power.  In the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit only came to Prophets, Priests and Kings.  The Prophet Joel began to unveil a radical concept of restoration that today we know as grace.  Restoration began with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  God began to deal with humanity through grace instead of judgement.  Join Pastor Barry as he shows the Bible promises of how this restoration applies to the 21st century Church.