Works and Faith  – the New Covenant often talks of these two principles.  How do works and faith fare under this New Covenant of grace?  Aren’t “works” all the things you have to do to gain God’s approval?  In this session, Pastor Ann defines “works” and how they fit into the message of grace.

In this series Pastor Barry talks about Satan’s great tool of destruction, unforgiveness. We all have a destiny, this church has a destiny and the devil will do his best to make sure that doesn’t happen. Unforgiveness keeps us from God’s best for us. In 2 Corthinians 2:9-11 the Bible talks about making sure satan doesn’t get an advantage on us and that is through unforgiveness. The Message version says.. we don’t want to unwittingly give Satan an opening for yet more mischief. Pastor Barry will show you that unforgiveness is vital to your personal spiritual health and the health of the church.

Have you ever been tormented by the devil?  The swirling mass of thoughts that you’ll never measure up, you’re no good, you’re too far gone that keeps you from living life?  There is a way out!  In this session, Pastor Barry explains the weapons of our warfare and how to use them to pull down every stronghold in our mind.