This is the great exchange: Jesus took all of your sin, sickness, the punishment and judgment due you and gave you righteousness (right standing with God). Now, THERE IS NOTHING BETWEEN YOU AND GOD. You have been acquitted for your sins.

Join Pastor Ann in this communion session as we deepen our understanding of what happened at the Cross during this great exchange.

“Most Christians believe God’s Grace makes the sinner righteous. But they do not believe God’s Grace makes the Christian righteous – as if we are led to the Cross, then left on our own to figure it out.”
~ Pastor Ann, It’s All Jesus

What Jesus came to do was earth shattering and game changing. He fulfilled the law. He did not add to the law. This New Covenant of Grace replaced the Old Covenant of works. Reconciliation was made between God and man.

Part of the work of the Cross of Calvary is for healing of our diseases. It would beyond thinking for any Christian to think Jesus would reject anyone for forgiveness of sins. But when we address healing, we put conditions on it. We have a high level of confidence that any sinner could be forgiven of sins but we don’t have that same mindset about healing. WHAT IF WE DID? Both forgiveness of sins and healing were provided by the same sacrifice. Join Pastor Barry in this session that concludes with communion.