The Sanctity of Life, TCD-544, Rev. Ann Burns

Since the beginning, Satan has tried to confuse mankind about his or her identity in God. He is still using this same tactic today. Satan is not a creator but someone who copies and tries to distort mankind’s view of God’s divine design. If he can corrupt the view of the culture to one that does not see creation as a divine gift from God, then he knows that the culture will not value that creation. The Bible is the true word of God and through-out we find that the Bible describes God as life.

In this message “The Sanctity of Life”, we are reminded of the numerous times in the Bible where God emphasizes the importance and value in the life of a child. We learn that when we see others as a divine, unique design created by God, it changes how we value them. In addition, we see just how much God values them. Pastor Ann declares that our circumstances do not determine our value to God. She reminds us how God laid out a plan and design for our lives before He knit us together in the womb and how He set angels to guard us. Pastor Ann tells us the truth about life and the chapters in the Bible that changed her view over time. She also challenges the church. She encourages us on how to stand firm in showing God’s love and light to a culture that might have a different view on the value and sanctity of life. Let this message remind us of the True Creator and His love for us as He tells us to “choose life”.