Acts 2 tells us that there is a purpose in united prayer.

Praying together produces:

  • signs, wonders and miracles
  • supernatural provision
  • healings
  • favor with all people
  • great grace, lovingkindness and favor
  • church growth

Two things can limit our expectancy: our words and our actions.  Change your mindset (your state of mind) to see changes in your world.  Believe God can do something great here – and in us.  Believe that Jesus is here when we gather.  Believe that every time we gather, miracles happen!

This session includes the testimony of a lady who was healed from a lump on her neck.  The doctor ran test after test trying to identify it.  Two of our altar team members took Session 1 of this series to heart and came EXPECTING someone to be healed.  Right before their eyes, the lump disappeared.  Hallelujah!

healing_testimony_2 healing_testimony_3