“I have set my affection on the House of my God” – King David, 1 Chronicles 29:3

For several years, we have been praying about investments that need to be made into the facility that God has blessed us with. They are either crucial to maintaining the value of our property or will provide critically needed space to help facilitate the ministry at Cornerstone. We believe that now is the time to step out with a challenge to the congregation of Cornerstone Church. The help of every worshipper at Cornerstone will be needed! We know that each and every one of you will want to commit to these projects as we all, like King David, set our affection on our House of God!


In 2016, Phase 1 was completed and paid in full – $145,000!  We enclosed the foyer, creating a beautiful gathering place for our congregation.

In addition to the foyer, we were able to finish the following projects:

  • Stripped and polished most floors in sanctuary building
  • Replaced all hardware in sanctuary building
  • Repainted a large part of the interior of the sanctuary building
  • Repainted the exterior of the sanctuary building
  • Replaced the fence enclosure around HVAC units at sanctuary building
  • Replaced sign at interstate
  • Replaced juniper hill
  • Re-landscaped area in front of new foyer
  • Repainted a large portion of the interior of education building
  • Recarpeted a large part of education building
Phase 2 - 2017

Phase 2: Parking Lot Lighting & Repaving

LIGHTING: Estimate $71,000
REPAVING: Estimate $170,000

Lighting and paving must happen simultaneously as the current parking lot will be torn up to install the new lighting.

  • Add 11 poles to illuminate our parking lots
  • Upgrade existing lighting
  • Add 14 LED strip lights to walkway
  • Add lighting to outside sanctuary building
  • Remove trees, stumps and damaged asphalt
  • Recap 84,200 square feet of parking with 2 inches of asphalt (estimated 20-year life span)
  • Adding 14,500 square feet of new parking
  • New curbs, striping
  • Reinforce area for dumpster

    If 200 people commit $100/m for one year, over and above their regular tithes and offerings, the estimated $240,000 would be paid in full.

Phase 3

Phase 3: Sanctuary Restrooms & Building Repair
RESTROOMS: Estimate $75,000
BUILDING REPAIR: Estimate $10,000

Building Repairs:

  • Repair face of Education Building that has been damaged by birds
  • Replace Sanctuary Building side doors and tile that are water damaged

Sanctuary Restrooms:

  • Remodel restrooms
  • Convert to commercial grade plumbing


You can donate online and if you have made a pledge towards the campaign, it will automatically deduct from your pledge. You can also sign up for recurring giving, if you would like to give on a schedule. Please contact the church office with any questions regarding your pledge or donations.

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